In the concepts of mortal humans, the Gods reside in the sacred place named Kunlun.
The Phantoms, in the mortal imaginations, were born in Dimension of Chaos.
To mortal humans, the dimensions of the Gods and the Phantoms were distant but familiar.

Ximending, a crossroad of ancient and modern, where history and fashion intertwine; noisy and clamorous. And for that reasons, this place is full with endless vigor and also attracted the Gods and the Phantoms to set foot here.

As the time goes, the energy of different dimensions converges, resulting in an appearance of an unstable dimensional rift.
This unpredictable rift became one of the possibilities for the Dimension of Chaos (Phantoms) and the Human Realm (Human) to connect and to travel to the Kunlun.
For this, the troubled Kunlun has decided to vigorously intervene such phenomenon.

Thus, everyday afternoon from 17:00 to 19:00, so called the moment of dusk from the legend; is when the energy flows tend to become chaotic and violent. It is trivial for the Phantoms and the Mortals to enter the Kunlun realm unintentionally.
Therefore, the Kunlun has named such dimension as Youshanding.

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  • 【Combo-Yumo】

    Master the combo techniques for a smoother stage clearing.

  • 【Summon Attack-Leo】

    Use the Guardians wisely and cast their abilities to chain up the combo attacks!

  • 【Summon Attack-Bahet】

    Use the Guardians wisely and cast their abilities to chain up the combo attacks!

  • 【Summon Attack-Le Viada】

    Use the Guardians wisely and cast their abilities to chain up the combo attacks!

  • 【Battle Basics】

    Start the battle with Yumo's melee attacks,
    anyways, just get close to the enemies and swing the fists heroically!

  • 【Guardians Attack】

    Summoning attack that requires energy to be casted, the moves and its power scales with energy expenditure.
    Choose appropriate Guardian to fight alongside with according to the battle circumstances.

  • 【Ximending & Youshanding】

    Ximending in the real world, is where the protagonist Yumo daily life is set in the game.
    Quest acquisitions and story progressions are all happened here, battle preparations can also be performed in this area.

  • 【Ximending & Youshanding】

    Despite the cryptic atmosphere Youshanding creates, the scene setting is pretty much identical to the real world Ximending.
    In this very place, Yumo will face the Phantoms and commence the world of battles.

  • 【Combo System】

    After the combo count continuously rises in combat, temporary buffs will be granted.
    There are effects that increase the efficiency of energy absorption or allow the unlimited usage of Yumo's summon & ultimate attacks for a period of time.

  • 【Bond System】

    The bonding with the Guardians will continuously accumulate in battles.
    When certain bond level is reached, Yumo can obtain varieties of skills which enhance the combo chain effectiveness.

  • 【Growth System】

    Collect the Dragon Vein Stone fragment in game to gain energy that strengthens Yumo's stats for easier battles.

  • 【D.ARMS Initiation】

    When the summoned Guardian attacks, the required energy to initiate the D.ARMS will be accumulated.
    When the energy is at full, Yumo can mobilize the D.ARMS to dramatically increase attack power and attack range.

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Products introduction

  • Game Name:

    Dusk Diver
  • Platform:

    Windows PC/Nintendo Switch™/PS4
  • Release Date:

  • Genre:

    Bond & Combo ACT
  • Player:

    1 Player
  • PEGI rating:

    Under Review
※Excessive game playing time may affect player's daily life, proper rests and exercise are recommended.